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About WTM Oslo & founder Fabiana Hargreaves Da Costa

WTM Centres are located all around the world — in Australia, Asia, Africa, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, South America, the UK, and the USA — with further Centres continuing to open as support grows for this all-important breakthrough understanding of the human condition.

The founder of WTM Oslo, Fabiana Hargreaves da Costa, has a Bachelor in Fashion Design, but her passion for sustainability led her to further her studies in the area and work mainly on the production and managing side of the sector. She has worked as a Buyer and Project Coordinator and is now Head of Supply at a second-hand clothing business. She has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Environmental Management from Proenco Brasil; an Executive Master in Green Growth (undertaken in Norway); and has completed courses in Textile Engineering from the Technology Center for the Chemical and Textile Industry (SENAI CETIQT) and Circular Economy in Cambridge University.

Fabiana has a young daughter, is an advocate of non-violence education philosophy for children and positive psychology, and is also a student of philosophy. She is fluent in Portuguese and English, proficient in Norwegian and Spanish, and speaks French at an intermediate level.

Fabiana is so committed to ensuring as many people across the world have access to this liberating truth that she also founded the WTM Centre in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil where she was born and where her family still resides.

“This is the path to joy and freedom that everyone is looking for, this is the real deal!”

Fabiana Hargreaves da Costa

Photo of Fabiana with her mother and daughter
Portrait photo of Fabiana Hargreaves da Costa